Asset Backed Securities Risk and Performance Management Solutions

Not your traditional “Credit Risk Management” firm - ABS Solutions (ABS) team of knowledgeable ABS Experts combine their business expertise with cutting edge technology to deliver an integrated, user friendly product that has no equal in the industry – ABS Monitor © provides guidance and surveillance on the complete Asset Backed Securities servicing process.

The goal of ABS is to streamline, ensure transparency, and provide leading-edge management solutions to the securitization industry, through ABS's Web Portal, enabling clients' continuous access worldwide. ABS provides effective data management and asset analysis, backed by securitized products and IT infrastructure specialists, with a proven track record of innovation, discipline, and delivery.

ABS's flagship product, ABS Monitor ©, incorporates state-of-the-art risk management, robust loan-level reporting, and clean, accurate analysis of securitized/securitize-able assets. In addition, ABS leverages the extensive knowledge and experience of its staff, delivering critical support through in-house analysis and advisory.

From securitization to terminal status, ABS utilizes a powerful proprietary analytics engine to offer clients an operational data-rich environment, state-of-the-art statistical modeling, data integrity analysis, and objective consultative evaluations. We then add enhanced filters and detailed reporting capabilities so that our clients receive clear and useable historical data – information that provides real insight so our clients can make truly informed decisions.

Available Services:

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